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Who are we

Supplying therapeutic and medical facilities for socially vulnerable groups and supporting them morally and financially.

In 2005, some benefactors, with the motive of helping homeless and socially disadvantaged groups went through streets with a few warm meals to create a tender and earnest atmosphere and reconcile this disconsolate group of society with life.

The population of “Toloo Bi-Neshanha” (Toloo:sunrise Bi-Neshanha: traceless, literally meaning rise of unknown people) is a nongovernmental and nonpolitical organization in Tehran which was established officially in 2009 to help and support women, men and children who are socially vulnerable.

Beside beauties and tranquilities of modern life, it has created complexes in social life of human beings. Less than a few decades ago, poverty and hunger were basic roots of social problems, and homelessness was an adverse condition that rooted just in poverty.



  • Toloo Community And we will watch the rise of kindness on the heights of our country
  • Toloo Community Homelessness means solitude plus solitude
  • Toloo Community This community deserves more than what it has

Supporting Toloo

Giving thanks and helping others have been one of the beautiful traditions of our country for a very long time and today due to this old tradition, we are going to build shelters and help people in need as a way to thank God for the happiness, prosperity, sustenance, security, comfort, caress and empathy he has gifted us.

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In line with its main objectives which are to eliminate and reduce social problems, the problems of homeless and addicted people, Toloo has always tried to provide an appropriate base for the recovered patients to have the opportunity of leaving professional and technical job skills.

We might say that attraction method in Toloo is its first and most important distinction from all other institutes. In Toloo there is no obligation for entrance, cure of addiction and staying far from addiction.

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Bank account numbers:
Saderat Bank: Toloo Bi nam va Neshanha institute No. 0103634045008
Melli Bank: Toloo Bi nam va Neshanha institute No. 0106653202008
Card numbers:
Saderat bank: Toloo Bi nam va Neshnha institute No. 6037691199501263
Melli bank: Tollo Bi nam va Neshanha institute No. 6037991199520440

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